Academic Affairs

This committee shall organize and assure student participation on all College of Engineering and Applied Science related committees.

Career Development

The Career Development committee is responsible for all career-related events hosted by the CEAS Tribunal. The two main events that this committee is responsible for is Resume Review Day and the Technical Career Fair, which take place every Fall and Spring semester.

This committee is also responsible for handling all employer communications and connecting them with the correct student groups/departments.

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College Wide Events

Be actively involved in the events that are hosted and ran by CEAS Tribunal throughout the semester. This includes but is not limited to Career Fair, Engineering Living Learning Design Fest, Order of the Engineer, CEAS Showcase, NAESC Engineering Leadership Summit, Retreats, and General and Exec Meetings. Plan and execute Order of the Engineer ceremony. Work with Tau Beta Phi to showcase some of the top senior design projects to the college. Lay the foundational work for Luau in summer. Encourage others to event plan.

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This committee shall publicize Tribunal events, maintain and promote Tribunal branding, and create a yearly record of Tribunal events.

Equity & Inclusion

This committee is responsible for reviewing and researching issues pertinent to ensuring the protection and promotion of diversity and student rights within the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This includes ensuring that Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal properly represents the interests of all students within the college. This committee shall also be responsible for ensuring that all Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal members have access to training on equity and inclusion.

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Engineering week is a week dedicated to celebrating engineers and all that we do. The week consists of events that students can participate in as team's. The friday of Eweek will have a Bid and Buy event at the brass tap. Items that have been donated from local businesses will be auctioned off, and proceeds will go to a charitable organization here on campus. On the Saturday of Eweek, there will be a banquet at the Newport Syndicate. This is a great time to meet other engineers and let lose and have fun for a night. Overall, those involved in Eweek have always said it's one of the best memories from college.

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This committee is responsible for coordinating student organizations within the college and their relations with administration and student government. A background in student organizational leadership or student government is beneficial for this role. This committee meets monthly to discuss changes in the college that are relevant to student organizations. Additionally, this committee provides funding for collaborative initiatives between student organizations to benefit the entire college. Finally, this committee assists with any relations between student government and CEAS organizations.

First Year Engagement

This committee shall sponsor programs that promote freshmen to freshmen interaction through social events, leadership development, community service, and college engagement. Additionally, this committee shall oversee the mentorship program between freshmen and Engineering and Applied Science Executives by overseeing the appointment of mentees, the assignment of mentees to mentors, and the organization of events that foster a fruitful relationship between the mentors and mentees and encourages growth and development.

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The Innovation committee is responsible for taking initiatives to maintain and further bring new programs to broaden the CEAS Tribunal's outreach. You will have the opportunity to plan fun events and projects with fellow CEAS students, enjoy free food, and get involved on-campus.

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Applications are NOW OPEN for CEAS Tribunal's Internship Program. This program is a great opportunity first-year students to get involved in CEAS Tribunal. If selected, you will be paired with one of our executive board members and work with them throughout the year on planning events, working on academic issues, and any other CEAS Tribunal events. In this program, you will have the opportunity to make changes that provide a better experience to CEAS students, while also learning more about CEAS Tribunal!

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The Secretary is responsible for taking attendance at meetings by setting up sign-in laptops, recording meeting minutes, and keeping the Tribunal office stocked with supplies.

Social Events

This committee shall plan social events and community service events to engage members within the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. This committee is also in charge of the semesterly event, Exam Week Breakfast.

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The technology committee is responsible for maintaining proper function of CEAS Tribunal technology assets. We lead initiatives to improve the official Tribunal website. We help set up the tech side of the career fair which includes designing web forms for both students and representatives. Along with that, we strive to further Tribunal through the means of modernization of various technological assets.

During each committee meeting, we will discuss about topics relating to the technological endeavors to be taken for the organization. For this semester, the topics with include: website redesign, career fair tech, and web forms.

For those of you who are technologically inclined, this is a great way to get involved with Tribunal. You will get hands on experience with web scripting languages such as HTML/CSS and Javascript. You will learn how to create various web forms. Also, you will learn what it takes to bring a website into production. Anyone is allowed to join this committee, even if you don’t have any web development experience. We only require you have minimal coding knowledge (experience with MATLAB for example). Email the Technology Directory, Mihir Patel, for more information at!

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