Name Description
Academic Affairs

This committee shall organize and assure student participation on all College of Engineering and Applied Science related committees.

Career Development

This committee shall organize and host an annual career fair where students and company representatives can interact.


This committee shall publicize Tribunal events, maintain and promote Tribunal branding, and create a yearly record of Tribunal events.

Engineering Student Organization Council

This committee shall foster collaboration amongst college groups and oversee the e-Bullet, college-wide activities calendar, and posting boards.


This committee shall organize a fun-filled week of events and a banquet to promote engineering during the nationally celebrated Engineer's Week in February. Want to get involved? Fill out this Google Form.

Welcome to the E-Week page! This year's theme is Fellowship of the Engineer! Think Lord of the Rings. Please connect with our Facebook page and twitter @UCEweek in order to stay informed. Below you can find the links to register your team and sign-up to host one of the events.

Host an Event
Team Registration

Have any questions?
Email UC EWeek.


This committee shall be responsible for organizing FELD fest at the beginning of the fall semester every year.


This committee shall be responsible for taking initiatives to maintain and further bring about new programs to broaden Tribunal’s outreach.

Take A Professor to Lunch Program Application



This committee shall organize the spring social event.


This committee shall be responsible for the professor awards, student awards, and scholarships selected by the CEAS Tribunal.

Special Events

This committee shall plan social events as well as design and sell College of Engineering and Applied Science merchandise.


The Technology and Website directors shall assist the Tribunal exec in maintaining proper functioning of Tribunal technology assets.